Decorative Sgraffito with YiYi Mendoza

Sgraffito has long been used as a surface decorating technique that usually results in illustrative designs.

YiYi explores modern ways to use sgraffito for adding imagery and patterns to enhance the clay surfaces of pots, plates and other forms.

YiYi gave an amazing workshop that taught and encouraged participants to create their own masterpiece.

Designs and patterns were drawn with Painters White pen on black construction paper.

Then participants carved through the Laguna MS – 203 Ghana Black Engobe to create their amazing sgraffito surfaces.

Terms and definitions:

SGRAFFITO: surface treatment technique that consists of covering a base clay body with a contrasting layer of slip/underglaze and then ‘scratching’ or carving through the second layer to reveal the clay underneath.

SLIP: Essentially clay particles suspended in water. A thinned down, runnier clay. They can be made from naturally occurring clays or from mixed materials and colorants.

ENGOBE: Usually contain a lower clay content than slip. All slips, engobes and underglazes can be colored with oxides, carbonates and stains.

UNDERGLAZE: Commercial underglazes are formulated similarly to engobes. Unlike slips, underglazes can be used at any stage of greenware and also over bisque-fired ware.



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