Barbara Reeley

My clay journey began in 1976 when I visited a potter in the south of France.  His hands moved so beautifully as he threw a teapot.  When I returned to the United States I began taking private classes with Susan Schumpert in Springfield, Virginia.


In 1979 we moved to Kansas and I was able to find a potter to teach me glaze formulation and application techniques.  The following year we moved to Kentucky where I began teaching pottery classes to children.  The children’s classes morphed into pottery classes for parents, friends and neighbors.

In 1981 I attended a two week pottery workshop at the Appalachian Center for Crafts and shortly afterwards opened the first of my six pottery studios.  In each studio I have sold my work and taught pottery classes.

Beginning in 1981 I have attended at least two workshops per year.  My clay travels have taken me from Florida to North Carolina to Vermont to Montana and almost every state in between.  My love is functional pottery thrown on the potter’s wheel.

Over the past thirty-six years I have taught a wide variety of pottery classes.  At Monroe ClayWorks I teach both private classes and Intermediate/Advanced pottery’s wheel classes.



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the pottery division of Northeast Ceramic Supply in Troy, NY