18800Barbara Reeley and Dennis Smith are continuing with an  ABOVE AND BEYOND Bruno Wood Kilnstarter. The goal is to raise the next $10,000 towards building “Bruno” which will cost about $20,000.

The project involves a 20′ x 20′ concrete pad, kiln shed, and a cone 10 Bourry Box Wood Kiln.

The kiln is being named “Bruno” after Bruno LaVerdiere who donated the hard and soft brick, metal frame and car & track from his sculpture kiln.  (About Bruno Laverdiere)

Donations are in increments of $100.  Below is a list of “gifts” for your donation.

All donations can be called into or made in person at Northeast Ceramic Supply, 10 Monroe Street, Troy, NY (518) 274-2722.

Donate                     Gift

$100      Bruno Donor Tile & $100 in firing

$200      Tile, 50 lb. clay & $200 firing

$300      Tile, 50 lb. clay, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $300 firing

$400      Tile, 100 lb. clay, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $400 firing

$500      Tile, 100 lb. clay with glazing, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $500 firing

$1,000   All the above plus a one year MCW Membership

There will be a “Bruno Gala” for all donors before the first wood firing.

Gift Descriptions:

The Donor “Bruno” Tile will be a handbuilt tile created by Barbara Reeley  with a carved abstract drawing of the wood kiln “Bruno” and the name of the person(s) donating.

The Vase will be a wheelthrown vase by Barbara Reeley which will be bisque fired and then fired in our inaugural Bruno firing.

Additional SURPRISE BONUSES  will be given when the following goals are reached:

$10,000 – reached!!

$15,000 – reached!!

$20,000 – ALMOST reached!!

If you have any questions please call (518-669-5296) or email (claywomn@aol.com) Barbara Reeley.


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the pottery division of Northeast Ceramic Supply in Troy, NY