Fall 2016:  Wednesday Morning Learning to Pit Fire with Mary


When:  Wednesdays September 14th – November 2nd

Time:   10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Instructor:  Mary LaFleur

Cost:  $300 (Includes all clay, glazes & firing)

Where:  Monroe ClayWorks, 10 Monroe Street, Troy, NY

Pit fired orb

Description:  Learn to make smooth pots, burnish and terra sig them and then fire them in a large pit with an aluminum foil saggar.  When cool we will wax and polish our pots.



The second half of this class will be learning to use an extruder.  The extruder is an amazing tool.  Sets actually look alike!


To sign up:  Call Northeast Ceramic Supply (518) 274-2722 or send a check for $350 to:  Northeast Ceramic Supply, P.O. Box 817, Troy, NY 12181

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the pottery division of Northeast Ceramic Supply in Troy, NY