MCW Studio Assistants

Tim Bell

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I started working in clay in 2000 with Bernie Felch at the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn, DE.   In July of 2003 I moved to Troy, continuing with classes at the Arts Center of the Capital District primarily with Colleen O’Sullivan.  Within a year I was an assisting Colleen and recycling clay for the Arts Center.   Soon after that I got  a studio above North East Ceramic Supply in their previous building.   Partly from what I look like after throwing and partly from fire tending for sweat lodges at Spirit Hollow, I sign my pottery “Plays in the Mud”.   As a member of the Empty Bowls Committee I’ve handled donations from supporting organizations and currently organize the volunteers.  And now I continue my journey in clay with MonroeClay Works.

Lydia Anderson

I began my clay working journey with Bonnie Richter and her assistant Elizabeth Donovan, who both taught me the ins and outs of hand building and throwing. Since then, building clay with my hands has been a passion of mine, and has played a big role in my life. Also, I couldn’t be more proud to say that I am the grandchild of Dennis Smith and Barbara Reeley, founders of Empty Bowls in Troy, New York and owners of Northeast Ceramic Supply and Monroe ClayWorks. I am sure I’m not the only one when I say that I have those two to thank for introducing me into the world of Clay Arts.



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the pottery division of Northeast Ceramic Supply in Troy, NY