Pit Firing with Adirondack Potters

Friday, June 6th was a super day for a pit firing and we named our square pit “Peach”.   Colleen O’Sullivan lead our pit fire and did a wonderful job.  We had organic materials and Colleen’s “Magic Dust” was mixed up to sprinkle around the inside edges of the pit.  Nine potters from the Adirondacks traveled down to Troy to fire their work.  Harriet came with a small covered box and assisted in the firing and clean up.

Everyone worked on their own pieces by deciding whether banana peels, coffee grounds, copper carbonate infused cotton strips, leaves or any other organic material on our two  tables would suit their pots.  After “decorating” their pieces they wrapped them in newspaper and carried them to the pit and Colleen guided them on where to place their pieces.

Colleen and Harriet sprinkled “Magic Dust” around the inside edges of Peach Pit.  Sawdust was layered over our work with kindling gently placed on top.  A bit of paper was lit and put on the kindling and our firing was begun.  For two plus hours we kept a good fire going with several potters feeding the fire ~ Gerald and Harriet were our main fire tenders.  After two plus hours of firing we let the fire burn down then we took turns placing (I forgot to bring a shovel so we improvised) cow manure evenly across the pit then placed the metal covers on top.

For two days we left our work in Peach and were rewarded with lots of color when we unloaded Sunday, June 8th.  We rinsed off the ash but none of the pieces were waxed that day.  Once they are gently cleaned again, dried and waxed we’ll post some photos of the finished work.

Thank you to everyone who came to the firing and a special thank you to Colleen.  The group of potters from the Adirondacks were wonderful ~ we loved hosting a pit fire for you.  Peach again gave us beautiful pots!


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