Thank you so much for your generosity and support in making Bruno, our Wood Fired Kiln, a reality.  Work has been completed and our first firing was in August, 2016.  Please refer to the donation chart below to see the benefits of each donation level.  Also, checkout the other Bruno Posts.

Our hope is to raise the last $4600 towards building “Bruno” which will cost about $20,000.

The project involves a 20′ x 20′ concrete pad, kiln shed, and a cone 10 Bourry Box Wood Kiln.

The kiln is being named “Bruno” after Bruno LaVerdiere who donated the hard and soft brick, metal frame and car & track from his sculpture kiln.  (About Bruno Laverdiere)

Donations are in increments of $100.  Below is a list of “gifts” for your donation.

Donate                     Gift

$100      Bruno Donor Tile & $100 in firing

$200      Tile, 50 lb. clay & $200 firing

$300      Tile, 50 lb. clay, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $300 firing

$400      Tile, 100 lb. clay, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $400 firing

$500      Tile, 100 lb. clay with glazing, Wood Fired Reeley Vase & $500 firing

$1,000   All the above plus a one year MCW Membership

All donations can be called into or made in person at Northeast Ceramic Supply, 10 Monroe Street, Troy, NY (518) 274-2722.

There will be a “Bruno Gala” for all donors before the first wood firing.

Gift Descriptions:

The Donor “Bruno” Tile will be a handbuilt tile created by Barbara Reeley  with a carved abstract drawing of the wood kiln “Bruno” and the name of the person(s) donating.

The Vase will be a wheelthrown vase by Barbara Reeley which will be bisque fired and then fired in our inaugural Bruno firing.

Additional SURPRISE BONUSES  will be given when the following goals are reached:

$10,000 – reached!!

$15,000 – reached!!

$20,000 – reached!!

If you have any questions please call (518-669-5296) or email (claywomn@aol.com) Barbara Reeley.



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